Quality is built daily

The client is our priority. We set out specific tasks for clear and attainable goals, ensuring the competence and results of our employees are valued. At M&T we want more and give more. We work and celebrate as a team. We want to be your preferential partner in the moulds and plastics industry.


At M&T Group we’re committed to the demand and excellence of our services, fulfilling ISO 9001:2015 standards. We aim towards permanent growth and improvement. 

     Quality Policy


M&T intends to be a recognized company in its field of activity for its ability to present new solutions. Armed with the technical and creative capacity to meet new challenges, M&T is a preferred partner in the moulds and plastics industry.


M&T's conduct is guided by a sense of responsibility and cooperation, both internal (within the team) and external (between partners, clients and suppliers).